Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s attorney speaks

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NORRISTOWN, Pa. - At 1:30pm, Saturday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane voluntarily turned herself in at the Mongomery County Courthouse in Norristown. She was processed, fingerprinted and her mugshot was taken before her formal arraignment. The actual arraignment was conducted via video by District Judge Cathleen Rebar. Kane faces nine charges including perjury and criminal conspiracy.

The arraignment was the first step in a long process. Kane did not address the media. In fact, the arraignment lasted a matter of minutes and after, she quickly darted out a side door completely ignoring the media. She was smiling as she got into her car. Her lawyer, Ross Kramer, from Winston and Strawn based in New York, New York, addressed the crowd. He says he did not tell her to not speak to reporters.
“I think our side of it, even though you’ve heard snippets, really hasn’t been heard yet and her side of it really hasn’t come out and it really will over the course of this case. It’s a marathon," said Kramer.

He expects her to at least make a statement, within the next week. She plans to head back to work on Monday.

“We’re looking forward to trying the case, if need be, before a fair minded jury and having her come out the other side. We see no reason at all to recommend she resign. She has no plans to resign," added Kramer.

Political figures, including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, have asked Kane to step down.
“That’s not for us to answer. Our job here, as prosecutors, is to do justice and that’s a matter of looking at the evidence, presenting it in court and letting a judge or a jury make that determination," said Montgomery County  First Assistant District Attorney, Kevin Steele.

Kane is expected back in court for her preliminary hearing August, 24 and 1:00pm.

“We’ve got a team of career prosecutors working on this case and our job, in going forward here, is simply to do justice and bring the truth out in a court room," said Steele.

"“We’re very confident that when all the facts, in the case, come out she is going to be exonerated," combated Kramer.

Kramer is being paid by Kane.


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