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Court petition to revoke Attorney General’s law license: ‘Pack up, it’s time to go, Kathleen’

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Attorney General Kathleen Kane has another legal battle to contend with, as of Tuesday. Political activist Gene Stilp filed a court petition to revoke her law license with the state Supreme Court's Judicial Conduct Board.

He says it's the start of a grassroots movement to force her out of office, and he calls her indictment an embarrassment to the state of Pennsylvania.

"We want a clear functioning, productive, and responsible attorney general," says Stilp. "She is none of those, at this point."

The complaint asks the board to investigate Kane's alleged crimes. She is accused of leaking confidential information to embarrass political enemies and lying under oath. She says she is innocent of all the charges.

Stilp is starting a grassroots campaign to remove Kane from office by Labor Day, and he's asking people to send suitcases to her office to "send her packing back to Scranton."

"Basically, the Attorney General's office is a law firm, and it's not good when the top head of the law firm is indicted and arrested and going to go to trial," says Stilp.

Kane's spokesman says if the board issues a revocation order on her license she will "aggressively defend herself." She is scheduled to speak about her indictment at the Capitol at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.