Video: Man asks strangers to translate message, leaves them on the verge of tears

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LITHUANIA — A group in Lithuania conducted a social experiment in which a man asks strangers to translate a message that was sent to him on Facebook.

The man only speaks English, but the message is in Lithuanian. When he asks locals to translate it for him, they realize the man has received a hate message.

Many of them are left speechless and on the verge of tears.

Feeling a sudden need to protect a man they just met, many of the strangers refuse to translate the message.

According to YouTube:

This is a video experiment dedicated to promote our newly launched website (in Lithuanian only). The website is a digital “handbook”, full of advices on how all of us can react to racial, homophobic, other kind of bullying and hate speech not only online, but also in mass media, on the streets, at schools, work, etc.

How was the experiment made? We invited people (not professional actors) to participate in a casting for an ad. In advance, we gave no specifics on what the ad would be about. When they had arrived, we asked them to wait a second in our waiting room. They had no clue the waiting room was in fact fake, and we were filming them already there with our hidden cameras.