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Military recruiter’s home fired on in Mountville

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MOUNTVILLE, Pa. - Police are looking for the suspect or suspects who opened fire on a military recruiter's home in Lancaster County.

It happened on the 400-block of West Main Street at about 1 AM on Wednesday. The shooter fired multiple rounds at the front window of the home during a drive-by shooting.

The recruiter wasn't injured but federal investigators are monitoring the search. Police say their leads show the home may have been mistakenly targeted. A witness says he saw the car, a small gray, possibly Honda Civic, stopped in the motel parking lot across the street.

"It's kind of shocking, it seems like a really quiet, nice area and it shows you, you never know where something bad can happen," says Hope Gingrich in Mountville. "It's really sad, you know they do a lot for our country, we should have a lot of respect for them. And for somebody to possibly have a personal vendetta against him for whatever reason, it's just really sad."