Confederate flag debate continues to divide town

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COLUMBIA, Pa. – Monday, August 10, a teenager in Columbia allegedly took a Confederate flag off of David Chohany’s truck. An altercation began and video was taken. The video has gone viral and shows the teen walking down the street with the flag and slamming it into the street. The teen has been charged for taking the flag and Chohany faces charges for allegedly brandishing a knife during the altercation.

Chohany continues to say it is his right to fly the flag. He and friends held a ” rebel rally” in Columbia on Saturday. About 30 people gathered for the rally. Over a dozen vehicles were decorated with the flag.

“I raised my kids to be proud of their heritage and that`s why they are here. Flags don`t kill people. People kill people,” said Jeff Williams.

Chohany says the flag is about heritage and his rights, but other people in town say the rally was held in retaliation. They feel the flag is racist.

“It`s not about the whole flag thing it`s about them being racist and calling us ignorant name,” said Koryna Costello.

Hundreds of people gathered on Fourth Street in Columbia to wait for the rally to come through the town. Those who waited say they wanted to show racism does not belong in Columbia and they stand united.

The rally stayed peaceful and never drove through town. Parents say they hope the issues subside before everyone heads to school together.

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