Hot air balloon rider reacts to accident that electrically shocked 3 people

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We're learning more about a hot air balloon crash in Lancaster County, that left three people with serious electric shock injuries.

Sarah Kreider expected her first hot air balloon ride last year to be much different.  She says, "I thought it was going to be rough and get motion sickness, but there were no problems at all, it was a smooth ride."

Kreider says she felt calm under pilot, Bob Fisher.  "He was at ease, calm, explained going up and when to add heat and why he did that," says Kreider.

New Holland Police say Fisher is the same pilot who reported a problem just before his balloon went down Saturday night.

Lieutenant Jonathan Heisse says, "The hot air balloon was attempting to land, the pilot reported that he had a problem when he attempted to let the air out of the balloon, and he think that's what caused it to skid in the field and come against the power lines."

The accident left Fisher and two passengers from Maryland shocked and burned.  Lt. Heisse says in his 25 years as an officer, he can't recall something like this happening.  And he says it could have been worse.

"It was chaotic but controlled, where it occurred is a field, out in rural Earl Township, the public responded quickly, bystanders responded quickly and the emergency services responded excellent," says Lt. Heisse.

The victims are recovering.  Meanwhile, Kreider tells us if she'll ever embark on another flight.

Kreider says, "I feel bad for what happened to the pilot and people, but it was a freak accident and I would do it again in a heart beat."

An FAA Spokesperson says it will take some time for them to complete their investigation and determine a cause.


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