Window-washing superheroes fight grime and brighten day for children at Penn State Hershey

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DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Superheroes swung high above the streets in Dauphin County on a mission to make sick children happy. Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, and Batman repelled down the side of the Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital-- trading in their special powers for window washing equipment.

"My favorite superhero is Batman," 8-year-old Kane Wolf said, "and I never saw superheroes here before."

The foursome joined forces to fight window grime and bring a smile to the faces of staff, patients and their families.

"It's so much more than these guys washing windows, or dressing up as superheroes," Child Life Manager Ashely Kane said. "They really brighten the day of everyone in the hospital."

After completing their window-washing duties, the heroes met with their fans on the ground. Window washer John Peiffer, who dressed up as Spiderman, says they want to raise awareness for the children.

"Kids are the real heroes because they're fighting everyday here for their cause which is life," Peiffer said, "and it's good to raise awareness for such a good cause. So if we can raise a little awareness, and brighten some childrens' day, that makes our day, and our year."

Logan Lovett is one of those heroes at Penn State Hershey who is battling cancer. His mother says the superheroes' appearance Wednesday morning, made a big impact on her son.

"He's had radiation today," Logan mom Galadriel Lovett said, "and it was really rough, so he's pretty excited."

This is the second year the window washers have taken on this mission.