Regal Cinemas bag checks trigger reactions in Central Pennsylvania

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If you carry a bag into the movies, prepare to be checked before entering.  Movie giant, Regal Cinemas has made bag checking a new safety procedure.

Moviegoer, Robert Sykes says, “Considering the climate we live in now you can’t be too safe you can give up a little liberty for the greater good and make sure we’re safe and secure. I don’t have a problem with it.”

Regal’s policy comes in the wake of recent movie theater shootings, in Louisiana and Colorado, killing 15 people all together and injuring 70 others.

Moviegoer, Julien Santana says, “I think it’s good because you never know what’s going to happen and who can have something in a bag or cause danger to other people so it’s another precaution.”

Although some people are on board with the safety change, others may be turning their business elsewhere., like guns rights advocates who may feel they’re being treated like criminals.

Scott Morris is the president of Freedom Armory, in Glen Rock. He says, “We feel trampled on in a lot of cases so it’s a defensive group, a collection of gun owners.”

Morris says Regal has the right to make a decision but he’s unsure about what specifically the company is looking for.

“Does that mean if someone has a concealed weapon on their person, most men won’t have it in a bag, does that mean a full body frisk? Say if you have a concealed Carry permit can you shaking and we’ll let you go by?” says Morris.

We reached out to Regal cinemas for details on the policy, but they have not returned out calls.

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