Retired Army Colonel from South Middleton Township supports women in frontline combat

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The first female soldiers to complete the Army's Ranger School are celebrating their graduation from the rigorous program.  First Lieutenant Shaye Haver, of Texas, and Captain Kristen Griest, of Connecticut, along with 94 male soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia U.S. Army Base graduated Friday.

Retired Army Colonel Tom Faley praises the women for their success.  He says the Ranger course is one of the most challenging things you could ever do.  He knows, because he passed his ranger course in 1968.

Colonel Faley, of South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, says during Ranger school, sometimes you're sleep deprived and other times you're so physically challenged you want to quit.  But he says the women met the same standards as the men.  Both women were among 19 female soldiers to enroll in Ranger School in April.  The course started with 364 people, and only 96 finished, including the two women.  Faley says the historic success is a sign it's time for women to fight on the frontline.

"There are many men who can't meet these standards.  How do you say, I'm sorry, you're a ranger school grad, you can't be an infantry person.  That won't hold water based on this event occurring today," said Faley.

Faley says we could see women soldiers in frontline combat in two or three years.


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