Crossroads Middle School Students return to school beaming with Red Land pride

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LEWISBERRY, YORK COUNTY - For most kids, returning to school is nothing to brag about, except for those in the West Shore School District.  Especially Middle School students at Crossroads who are spreading some extra cheer to the Red Land Little League All-Stars.

Landon Henline's starting his first day of Middle School without his big brother, Jaden.  He says, "I would like him to be here, I got nervous when I walked in and I froze for a minute, I got it together, I got to all the classes."

Landon's first day of school start off rocky without Jaden.  "He's been my older brother since I was born and he's been better than I can ever be," says Landon.

But joined by Jaden's friends, Landon's back-to-school experience is everything to cheer about.

Students at Crossroads are throwing their support behind the York County baseball all-stars who are taking on champs from around the world in the Little League World Series.

Student, Luke Wagner says, "It's hard to focus when your friends are up in Williamsport, you just want to go up with them."

Luke's cousin and best friend, Cole, also known as Cookie, gives him a reason to work hard inside the classroom.

Luke says, "Academics are first, if you want to be a student athlete and that's what colleges look at for grades and not just performance on the field."

Caroline Cramer agrees and promises to work hard in celebration of her older brother, Adam Cramer.

"There's people saying my brother is amazing and it made me feel happy.  I'm really happy for him because when we were younger he would always play baseball and now he gets to play out in public and it's nice to see him do it," says Caroline.

Friends and family aren't the only ones cheering on the team.  Carol Brame taught science to seven of the boys.  She says the players are all-around athletes.

"Several are big buddies, work with incoming 6th graders, and one is student council officer, many are in gifted programs or honors math classes," says Brame.

...All while teaching teachers about perseverance.

Math teacher, Zach Potteiger says, "It was a new test for them and a lot of times when someone's successful, they go through hard times and these kids it didn't happen right away, but they overcame that."


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