Five-year-old has sweetest reaction to mom’s pregnancy news

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A UK mother has shared the moment she broke the news of her pregnancy to her five-year-old boy.

The video, filmed in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom by mother-of-one Sarah Bromby, was first shared publicly to Facebook on August 23, and has since gone viral, with more than 17.7 million views.

“Thought I would share the video of me breaking the news to my 5yr old that he is going to be a big brother,” the video caption reads.

The video begins with son Ethan looking uncertainly over printouts of what is believed to be an ultrasound scan.

“What is that?” her son can be heard saying in the video.

“Guess what? You’re going to be a big brother,” Ms Bromby says.

“Is that your baby?” Ethan replies.

“Is it in your belly right now? Is it?!”

At Ms Bromby’s affirmation, the boy gives an excited exclamation, shouting, “I’m going to be a new big brother!”

Suddenly very serious, he adds, “He can sleep in my bed, if you want”.

Ms Bromby’s original post of the video on August 21 states that the video was actually taken five weeks prior, but was withheld in order to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Social media users have flocked to congratulate Ms Bromby on the good news, but also to commend her on her very cute firstborn.

“Omg, he is so adorable,” YouTube user Leasa Roberts commented.

“And that accent makes it 10 times cuter!!”

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