Three Mile Island in danger of closing?

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LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Three Mile Island nuclear plant is producing enough energy to power 800,000 homes, but some predictions say the plant's days may be numbered.

TMI revealed that last week, it failed to sell electricity at a key energy-buying auction. Even spokesman Ralph DeSantis says the disappointing auction is a bad sign.

"Things have changed, and that does indicate that there are some economic challenges at TMI," he says.

It's not the only blow for TMI's owner, Exelon. This summer, the DC Public Service Commission rejected its merger with Pepco. And the EPA de-valued nuclear energy in combating carbon emissions.

Clean energy activist Eric Epstein says it's likely Exelon will need to cut a weak link and it could be TMI.

"The issue isn't if a nuclear power plant is going to close, the issue is which one. is it going to be Ginna in New York, Oyster Creek in Jersey, Quad City in Illinois, or Three Mile Island," says Epstein.

DeSantis says Exelon will work with policy makers and other stakeholders on the future of the plant.

"We're continuing to invest in the plant and we're looking at our future optimistically," he says.

But some question whether taxpayers should bail it out with another subsidy.

"People need to understand that TMI may not close today, maybe not tomorrow, but down the road if the mechanics don't change, it will certainly close before its license expires ," says Epstein.

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