Tinder users love PSU Girls

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NEW YORK — Love is in the air for PSU girls! The popular dating app, Tinder, recently posted statistics of their TinderU users in a top 25 girls and top 25 guys.

Penn State University girls made the list at #23 for the “Most Swiped-Right Schools.” Which means that users want to meet PSU girls more. The PSU girls would then have to swipe-right on the person who has already swiped right on them to agree to meet them.

Who made the top two positions? The #1 girls was Florida State University, and the #1 boys was Georgetown University.

According to Tinder’s blog, here are the highlights from their study:

  • Top 10 campuses for females and males who received the most right swipes are widely dispersed
  • University of Mississippi made the top 10 most right-swiped male and female lists
  • 9 out of 10 campuses with most popular females are public
  • The majority of campuses with the most popular males are private schools, with the 5th most right-swiped being a military academy
  • Top 4 most right-swiped males attend a religiously affiliated university
  • Top 25 males: ACC Schools lead with 7; Ivy League came in second with 4 schools
  • Top 25 females: SEC schools lead with 5; Big 12, ACC came in second with 4 schools
  • Profiles with the most right swipes all contained bios

They based their information off right swipe ratios from students ages 18-23 earlier this year.

Tinder says 26 million matches happen on the app every day.