U.S. Postal worker assaulted and pushed down flight of steps in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Police in Harrisburg have issued an arrest warrant for a 24-year-old man after they say he attacked a U.S. Postal worker.

Police responded to the 1200 block of Cumberland Road just after 1:00pm on July 31st after receiving a report of an assault that occurred.

The mailman told police that he was walking along Herr Street when he realized that a package was missing. When he  back tracked his steps he found the package ripped open and items missing.

The mail man told police when he looked around the area he saw a male and two females walking nearby. When he called out to them to see if they noticed anyone near the package, they ignored him.

The mail man followed and caught up to them along the 1200 block of Herr street. When the mail man tried to talk to them, the male became very aggressive, police said.

The male, later identified as Todd Johnson, grabbed the mail man by the throat and threw him onto the ground. Johnson then pushed the mailman down a flight of steps before grabbing the mail bag and tossing mail everywhere.

Johnson is now charged with simple assault. A warrant has now been issued for Johnson’s arrest.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Harrisburg police at 717-916-2635.