Governor hosts viewing party as Red Land clinches U.S. Championship

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Instead of watching the game in the comfort of their own living room, Red Land fans watched the U.S. Little League World Series Championship, in Governor Tom Wolf's living room.

The governor opened the governor's mansion to fans. With popcorn, pretzels, drinks and a big screen people sat down to see if "Pennsylvania's team" could clinch the victory. At times, it was tense! The score was tied as Chayton Krauss stepped up to the plate. He hit a walk-off single to win the game.

Under the chandeliers, fans rose to their feet! It is the first time since 1990 that a Pennsylvania team as won the U.S. Championship. Red Land takes on Japan Sunday. If they win, it will be the first time a team from PA has won since 1960!

"I really enjoy watching Red Land. I grew up in Red Land and I think it’s really cool that we’ve made it this far," said fan, Emma Wenger.

"It’s amazing how much kids can do by themselves," said nine year old Red Land fan, Ben Smith.

A lot of the people viewing the game at home Saturday said they might just head up Sunday so they could break the record for attendance again. Saturday over 45,500 fans filled the stands.


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