School bus services for students with divorced parents

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  School districts in Pennsylvania must now provide bus service to both homes of students whose parents are divorced. The Supreme Court ruling was made last week, denying an appeal by a Lancaster County School District.  The district refused to provide bus service to the home of a divorced dad, even though the student lives with the dad half the time.

Now, if you're divorced with a kid, live in the same district and have shared custody arrangements, the State Supreme Court says your kids will have bus service from your home.

The ruling comes after a Manheim Township dad fought for his son to receive a bus from his home as well as his mother's.

School district officials said they only have to provide bus service to and from the home of the boy's mom.  So the State's highest court had the final say.

A spokesperson from Manheim Township School District says their current budget for contracted bus services is $2.8 million.  Officials say the cost could change, but it's too early to tell.  District Taxpayers are responsible for the cost.

Christine Dombroksy is a divorced mom.  She supports the ruling.

"It gets both parents involved and allows them to be participants in getting their child to and from school," says Dombrosky.

The Supreme Court ruling wasn't unanimous. Justice Correale Stevens criticizes the decision, saying people should be allowed to voice their opinions before a law is made.

"My philosophy is I believe something should be left to a legislature to have open hearings and let people comment and lobby legislature and they can't lobby the court," says Justice Stevens.


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