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Women’s rights advocates take a stand for Planned Parenthood funding

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YORK, Pa. --  A spotlight continues to shine on the leading women's Healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood, as lawmakers begin their investigation into the alleged sale of aborted babies.  An anti-abortion group is behind the release of a series of undercover videos.  In the midst of the scandal, the Obama Administration sent $1 million to Planned Parenthood businesses in three states.

In York, supporters are voicing their stance for Planned Parenthood at the business on Beaver Street.

Elizabeth Filipovich says, "Planned parenthood has been my healthcare provider. We need them to stay for 1000's of women they benefit."

Filipovich joins others outside of the business to rally.  As a patient, she says the services here have helped her as an adult.

Filipovich says, "With their services, I've been able to have opportunities in my life, the use of birth control has helped me become a successful person."

Executive Director, Sari Stevens says 3200 patients came here last year.  So she doesn't want to see lawmakers eliminate this business' ability to bill for services.

Stevens says, "We're a nonjudgmental organization.  We believe women should have the right to make their own healthcare choices.  But we're here today not for abortion, we're here to talk about breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, birth control education, STD testing."

Emily Kreps is the Systems Manager with the Pennsylvania Family Institute.  She says, "There are several healthcare centers within a mile of the York Planned Parenthood where they offer free or no cost healthcare; the same services as Planned Parenthood plus more and Planned Parenthood is only providing one service these other don't and that's abortion."

Kreps says her organization doesn't want taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.

"We have millions of taxpayers money going to Planned Parenthood federally and state and that same funding, we're not asking to be cut from Healthcare, we're asking it to be cut from Planned Parenthood that provides abortions," says Kreps.

No matter the outcome, demonstrators say they'll continue to stand up for services.


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