Discipline board: Kathleen Kane harms law enforcement

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Pa Attorney General Kathleen Kane

The discipline board that filed a request to have Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s law license suspended believes Kane harms law enforcement, which could cause public harm.

The Associate Press obtained the order submitted to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last month by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The ethics office argues Kane has “damaged Pennsylvania’s legal integrity.”

Kane is charged with leaking confidential grand jury information and lying to cover it up.

She responded to the counsel’s petition on September 4, saying she can still do her job while answering the criminal charges.

Kane’s attorney Gerald Shargel responded to the release of that filing to the Associated Press, saying:

“The leaks about a disciplinary proceeding to suspend or remove Attorney General Kathleen Kane as a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania bar are singular in purpose.  These leaks are part of a broader campaign to deprive the Attorney General of the process to which she is due.  Simply put, she is entitled to a fair trial by an untainted jury.  These disciplinary proceedings are confidential by design, with continued confidentiality guaranteed by Supreme Court Rule.  In this case, the proceedings were never confidential; they were leaked upon their filing.  The leak of confidential information only weeks before Attorney General Kane’s formal arraignment in the criminal case (at which she will plead not guilty), can only have been designed to poison the jury pool in the criminal proceeding now pending. ”

Kane is due in court again in October.