Girl gets stuck in claw machine after double dog dare

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FRISCO, TX — A six-year-old’s quest for a prize got her in a bit of trouble.

Juliette Grimes was at a pizza parlor with her family when she got stuck in a claw machine.

“I opened the door-and I had my legs out. So I opened the door, then put my whole body in there. And I got balls, but I couldn’t get out.” said Juliette.

The adults were just a few steps away, but kids can get into mischief quick!

Juliette says she was getting a ball out for her sister Katy on a dare.

“I haven’t told my Mom this yet, but, MAYBE it was a double dog dare?” said Katy.

Firefighters came out to rescue Juliette’s mother says her daughter is O-K, but both girls are grounded.

She said, “I don’t’ think she’s going to do it again– hopefully. At least, another few years, at least?”