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Lancaster officials support surveillance in light of recent shootings

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In Lancaster, police are investigating three shootings in less than a week.  Two of them are fatal.  The most recent shooting happened last night on the 200 block of East Fulton Street.

Lancaster Safety Coalition executive director, Wes Farmer says there's 161 additional eyes looking out for your safety.

"We are very successful and daily in providing information that's helpful to the police," says Farmer.

Farmer suggests they're helpful in finding out who's responsible for shooting and sometimes killing neighbors within the city.

"If you had 16 citizens with cell phone cameras and they were looking a what was going on and reporting to the police if they saw anything suspicious, that's what our cameras do," says Farmer.

Farmer says the cameras pick up action instantaneously. "And we are able to ship it live to the county 911 dispatches, and police departments to see what's going on, additionally we record 24/7 so even if we're not monitoring it live, our cameras are gathering data."

David Aichele is the director of Clean and Safe Services.  He assures residents the cameras help monitor the violence and locate suspects.

"It doesn't jeopardize our goal, we'll continue to do what we do wit the organizations with work closely with," says Aichele.

Aichele suggests the recent shootings are not random acts and residents shouldn't be concerned.

"Lancaster right now is thriving. These incidents of violence that are sporadic in the city, I don't think it should deter people from coming to the city."


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