Technology giving parents of children with Autism ‘peace of mind’

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MANHATTAN, NY– According to the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in 68 children are on the Autism spectrum.

Individuals on the autism spectrum can experience difficulties in social interation, verbal, and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behavior.

They can also be prone to wandering.

A New York mother is taking steps to ensure the safety of her Autistic son using a GPS device.

Natasha Cornin,  the mother of seven-year-old son Jaden, who also has Autism, using the device to keep her son safe.

Angel Sense, the company that makes the device, lets her track where her son is at all times.

It can provide a schedule that the child she be on, a map of where the child is, and the ability to listen in on the location.

It also will give her a text or alert if he exits a location he should be.

The device works with an app used on a smartphone.

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