FOX43 Golf Tip: Hitting the Fairway Bunker Shot

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We're at Royal Manchester Golf Links in York County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week. PGA Professional, Anthony Schweppe, helps us with the tip.

"We are going to talk about the long, fairway bunker shot. And this will be lie dependent, so we actually have a very clean lie on this long fairway bunker shot. We have about 15 yards between the golf ball and the lip. On something like this, the industry norm is to take a long iron. The problem with that is the narrow sole and the temptation is too dig into the shot. Its a much easier alternative to hit the ball with a fairway wood with a little bit of loft. So the main thing that I am going focus on here is the set up position. Its a light entry point with the feet. Do not dig the feet into the sand too much. The most important feature on this shot is to make sure your weight distribution stays favoring the left hand side. Not just through address but throughout the swing. The top of the back swing and the down swing. That would ensure the entry point and the low point of your swing is going to happen on this side, which is the target side of the golf ball. So if that's done correctly, you won't even interrupt the sand with the strike. Make sure we stay on the left throughout the swing."

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