Man fatally shoots his dog, but is it a crime?

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BERLIN, N.H. — A dog found shot to death in the woods led to an animal cruelty investigation.

But police say the man shot his own dog, claiming the animal was dangerous.

Now the dog’s death has sparked an outcry, and people are wondering, “Is it against the law to shoot your dog?”

Lt. Dan Buteau of the Berlin Police Dept. talked WMUR about the owner and said, “He stated that the dog on a number of occasions had bitten a young child, I think three.”

Police say he attempted to give the dog away, but thought it wouldn’t be safe, so he decided to put the dog down himself.

It was not clear why he didn’t go to a vet or a shelter, but police say he cooperated with them and appeared sad about the dog’s death.

Buteau says, “It’s illegal to torture your animal or to whip your animal or any such thing that may be deemed as cruel under that statute. Under that particular statute it does not talk about putting a dog down, essentially, due to it being dangerous.”

In the meantime, reaction on social media continues to grow.

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