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HSFF Game of the Week preview: Northeastern at Central York

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - It's Deja Vu for Northeasterm.  Last year, they started the season 3 and 0, then suffered a crushing loss to Central York.  This year, the Bobcats are 3 and 0 again, but they're hoping, not to repeat history.

"We have to learn from last year's mistakes," Northeastern Head Coach Jon Scepanski said. "We were in the same position last year, came in 3 and 0 into division play and were welcomed pretty rudely by Central.  They put it to us in week 4.  We have to remember that and not be overconfident and its going to be a good football game."

Players already have their heads in the game.

"All we have to do is stay focused," Northeastern's starring quarterback Shannon Valenti said. "We have a whole week of practice and come hard for the game on Friday.  It's not going to be like last year, I can tell you that."

Central York's Head Coach Brad Livingston says they've been preparing for this match up.

"We know they are a good team," Livingston said, "we've seen them on film and we watched them play.  Its more important right now about what we do about us.  We're not playing good football, we've played some good opponents so we have to work and get better and we have to see if we are good enough and improved enough to beat Northeastern."

The Bobcat's Velenti, played at Central last season so he's familiar with the Panthers program.

"It was a big transfer," he said, "I had to make the move.  I'm just going out there to play.  I know a lot of them, they are my friends so we are going to go out there and have a good game.""

Livingston says they're a bit familiar with him as well.

"Hopefully we know some of things that he likes to do and we will try to take them away," Livingston said.  "He's a great kid and worked hard while he was here and I'm sure he will make some plays and hopefully we can contain him."

After that 1 and 2 start and with division play starting in the York-Adams, Central is looking at this game, like they're kicking off a whole new season.

"You know, we really do look at it as 3 preseason games and now we are into the division 1 schedule so its kind of a new start," Livingston said, "everything starts again and you get a 2nd chance."