Lack of budget impacts charter schools

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YORK, Pa. - Evelyn Velazquez, 11, has the goal of maybe one day going to space. She loves science and her school. She has gone to Lincoln Charter School since kindergarten.

"I like about going to this school is like everybody like teachers and stuff, they're very respectful and a lot of the people at this school I know because they also have went here since kindergarten," she said.

Due to the state budget not being passed, the school is running into funding issues.

"We get our funding from the public schools. We realize they're in a crunch just like we are. We are really in a bad situation," said principal Leonard Hart.

Until something is done with the budget the school is working with the state to secure a loan through a private bank.

"Our funding board, our solicitors our staff leadership team, we are working really hard to see what other options we have out there," said Hart.

They want to be able to keep the doors open. If they are forced to close, the students would have to go back to their district schools.

"Hopefully this won't last too long. Closing the doors is the last thing we want to do. We want to make sure we do what's best for our children. Our children deserve it, our parents deserve it and so does our community," he said.