World Meeting of Families wraps up in Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - While Pope Francis continues his visit to New York, there'a already plenty of buzz in the last stop on his United States tour in Philadelphia. The Pope is expected to arrive in the City of Brotherly Love Saturday morning, a day after the 2015 World Meeting of Families comes to an end at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The conference is the largest gathering of Catholic families from all over the globe. It's designed to explore the challenges of family life in society through daily mass, devotions, keystone addresses and breakout sessions. Thousands of Catholics say they are rejuvenated by the teachings they have learned in Philadelphia are renewed in their faith.

"It's a live church," John Lerch from Newtown Square said. "Sometimes you think of the church in terms of what the problems are, or how it's in decline in some areas, you come to places like this, you realize that there's still a vibrancy here."

Many say they are inspired to spread their faith and message of family values to others.

"Families are going through stress," Evelina Mwelu of Kenya said, "So I thought if I come to listen to other issues that other countries are facing, maybe I can go back and see what I can do for my church, and see what we can do to change the situation for families."

Now that the meeting is over, people are looking forward to the Pope's visit, and those who have met him are awaiting his message of love for the people.

"Tomorrow the Pope is coming here, and I mean, I can't go wrong," Father Anthony Fortunato said, "I mean, it's like a little cheese on top of your macaroni."