Lower Allen Township leaders asking homeowners to pay for replacement sprinkler systems

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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Property owners in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County say they are being asked to spend thousands of dollars to replace the sprinkler systems in their homes.

This comes after township officials approved the wrong system for the homes when they were built in 1999. They want the systems replaced at the owners' expense.

Officials are giving homeowners until Wednesday to hire a contractor for the repairs, and that's not sitting well with some folks.

"We did receive a letter from the township which absolutely blew my mind. The township said, point blank, 'yes the sprinklers were installed in 1999,'" says Lower Allen Township resident Steve Krantz. "'It was the wrong system that was put in, and yes, we approved the wrong system. Sorry for your luck. Here it is 15 years later. Deal with it.'"

Homeowners are asking for more time so they can get multiple quotes on the pricing of a new system. A spokesperson for one sprinkler company says the cost of a new home unit is around $9,000.

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