Nurse realizes the dying patient she is trying to save is her own brother

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LOS ANGELES — An emergency room nurse was working to save a “Jon Doe” patient this past week, when she realized the man was her younger brother.

Cesar Andreas “Andy” Medina, 23, was hit by a truck while he was skateboarding in a crosswalk.  Police say Medina had the right of way, and the driver fled the scene.

He was rushed to Mission Regional Medical Center where his sister, Jenifer, is an ER nurse.

Jenifer Medina described the event on a GoFundMe page for her brother:

The day I feared the most. Was the day I would see my little brother  come in as a trauma patient to my work. October 2nd  2015 was the day. Code trauma teir 1 and code blue was called over head. I was suppose to be the one in the trauma room registering him but thank goodness I wasn’t. He was a Jon Doe at first.Untill the trauma team found his wallet, When i saw the wallet it looked familiar and when we open it and saw my brothers face on the ID. My whole world collapsed as i did. The nurses I call my friends all came and held me as i cried on the hospital floor. They got me to a bed and I asked,” Is he gone?” Yes, he’s gone.

Jenifer said doctors tried to bring back his heart, but there was too much damage to his brain.

On Saturday, deputies arrested the alleged driver of the truck, 19-year-old Andrew Michaels.

Michaels is being held on a $100,000 bail and is facing vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run charges.

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