Teen surfer attacked by shark in Florida

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — 12-year-old Cole Toomsoo went to the beach with his friends to test out a new surfboard. They were only in the water for about an hour on Sunday, before he realized one of them needed help.

Cole Toomsoo, shark attack victim’s friend said, “when he was paddling in, I thought he was coming to get us and stuff and then his hand was all red, he was screaming for help.”

Toomsoo says his friend was bit on the left hand by a shark.

Volusia County Beach Patrol officials say the attack happened near Beachway Avenue and North Atlantic Avenue on New Smyrna Beach.

The 14 year old went to the hospital and his friends told me he had surgery.

Just 2 weeks ago, another 14 year old surfer was bit on his leg on New Smyrna Beach.

But surfers out there today said they’re hooked on the horizon and sharks wont keep them out of the ocean.

Nick Anselmo, a surfer said, “we see sharks all the time as a surfer can’t think about it.”

The victim says he punched the shark after he was bitten to get away from it.

There have been at least 10 shark attacks or bites in Volusia County this year.

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