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Actor Mark Ruffalo protests fracking at State Capitol in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Hollywood actors don't typically visit the State Capitol in Harrisburg but one did Wednesday to protest natural gas drilling.

Known for his roles in The Avengers and 13 Going On 30, Actor Mark Ruffalo drew attention as he stood at a podium. He shouted to state lawmakers as he held a cloudy jar of well-water he said was caused by fracking. "There are people in America whose lives are poisoned and every agency in the state has turned their backs on them," said Ruffalo.

The actor and advocate joined others who are against fracking to talk about how the practice has harmed people living near drilling sites in the state. Ruffalo made a plea to Governor Tom Wolf to enact a fracking moratorium in the state. "These people are sick and their lives are falling apart. The agencies that are supposed to help them are ignoring them the DOH, the DEP, and the Attorney General. So we are here to plea to Governor Wolf's decency," he said.

After a press conference in the main rotunda the group delivered a letter and petitions to the governor's office.