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Man on probation charged with resisting arrest in Harrisburg

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Amin Dekeyser

HARRISBURG, Pa.–A man is facing several charges after he was arrested on a probation violation on Thursday night in Harrisburg.

According to police, a Dauphin County probation officer was conducting a probation check on 21-year-old Amin Dekeyser along the 100 block of South 14th Street and found illegal contraband in his room. Officers with the Harrisburg City Police Department were subsequently contacted and responded to file criminal charges.

While Dekeyser was being taken to a transport van, an unidentified woman attempted several times to remove items from Dekeyser’s pockets. Officers ordered the woman to step back, but she continued her attempts anyway, police said.

That’s when authorities said a crowd started to gather and approach the arresting officers.

As investigators attempted to place Dekeyser into the van, he kicked the van door and tried to prevent the officers from putting him in the van, according to police reports.

When officers placed Dekeyser onto the ground, police said a woman attempted to pull the officer off of him.

Additional officers responded to the scene and secured the area.

Dekeyser is charged with resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and possession of a small amount of marijuana.

The investigation is ongoing and police expect to make additional arrests related to the incident.