Swift storm knocks out power: “Never seen anything like this”

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NORTH CORNWALL TOWNSHIP, PA-- Friday's severe storm knocked out power to some neighborhoods around central PA, including dozens of homes in North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County.

Crews say the strong winds knocked down a wire on Colbrook Road that started a small fire. Dispatch also received calls about several accidents near that road during and after the storm.

Neighbors say it was fast, but furious. Some say they hadn't seen another one like it.

"During the winter we have strong storms, but I've never seen anything like this," says Melvin Noll, whose power was out along Colbrook Road.

Utility crews from Comcast added temporary generators along the road to restore some service. But dozens of homes remained in the dark and storm debris and broken branches lined the road.

"If it had come westerly, could've taken my roof, but luckily my roof is ok I checked that out and nothing damaged there," says Noll, who says his daughter nearby still has powers. "So I'm lucky there."