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State Supreme Court Justice comments on private emails

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — State Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin is apologizing for thousands of personal emails recovered in Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s investigation into sexually explicit messages being exchanged on state computers.

Some of the emails Eakin sent and received are described as racist and pornographic. The emails were not on his work account.

In a statement, Justice Eakin says, “It is disconcerting and embarrassing to find others searching years of private personal emails looking for and publicizing any insensitive content.  I sincerely apologize for such content.  Those who know me understand the items chosen for release do not reflect my character or beliefs, nor have they ever been part of my consideration of any case or business of the Court.  I do not offer this as an excuse, and will continue to cooperate fully with the independent review by the Court and by the Conduct Board.”

The state’s Judicial Conduct Board is now investigating the emails.