Former York cop charged with theft of city funds

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Russell Tschopp

YORK, Pa — A retired York City Police Captain is charged with theft after investigators found out he was giving himself education bonuses for a degree he never earned. Russell Tschopp, 48,  is accused of giving himself $1,000 in bonus money over a three year period when he acted as administrative officer.

The Attorney General’s Office started an investigation in April after receiving a report from York County District Attorney Tom Kearney. In court documents, it is explained that annual bonuses are available for officers who attain a certain level of education; $200 for an Associate’s Degree, $400 for a Bachelor’s Degree and $600 for a Master’s Degree. Tschopp never received such a bonus prior to 2012, when he became administrative officer, and allegedly added his name to the annual payout list.

But looking into the case, it was discovered that Tschopp did not have a college diploma in his file, never applied for tuition reimbursement for college courses and he had dropped out of Juniata College in 1987 without earning a degree.

Tschopp faces one count each of theft by deception, false impression and theft by deception/ fail to correct.