GOTW Preview: York Suburban at West York

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WEST YORK, Pa. - It's a battle of two teams, lighting up the scoreboard.  York Suburban and West York are both in the top 10 for scoring offense in the York-Adams League.

"Two things," York Suburban Head Coach Andy Loucks said, "we are running the ball more effectively the last few games and the offensive line is doing a good job in the run game and they are also doing a good job in blitz pick up. That has progressed as the season has gone on."

West York's Senior Lineman, Noah Sowers, says he looks forward to the game.

"We have a good run game and a good pass game and I feel we have a very diverse game.  Suburban is always a big match-up for us and it will be a good one this week."

Thomas Merkle is the young man leading the Trojans offense.  The senior QB recently broke the passing record at Suburban.

"We have a lot of weapons," Merkle said, "Obviously, Collin Mailman has been the talk of the press the past two years.  We have a lot of weapons, DaJour Henderson, Brad Smith has been turning it up this year."

West York's Head Coach Jeremy Jones, says they have a plan of attack for the other team.

"Obviously, we have to slow down Metle and their passing game.  Try to limit the touches for Mailman and Brad. We have to slow them down, we have to slow Merkle down.  If we don't, it could be a long night for us."

Coach Jones is very familiar with Merkle.  He coached him the past couple of years when he was the head coach at Suburban.

"I don't think its an advantage," Jones said.  "It's nice to know the kids but they are different schematically so I  don't think its any advantage to that point."

Merkle says despite his connections with the Jones and the Bulldogs, he's going to keep his head in the game.

"He ran the offense so I got to directly work with him and it will be different since he will be on the other sideline so obviously we are going to have to put that relationship on mute for a little while."