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PA town makes thousands in police ticketing scheme

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LACEYVILLE, PA -- Hundreds of people in one Wyoming County community have pled guilty to parking in a handicapped spot, in a town with only two handicapped spaces.

State investigators say it was all part of a money-making scheme by the police department in Laceyville.

Drivers that were caught speeding were given the chance to avoid the moving violation if they pled guilty to the parking violation.

A recent audit shows town officials collected 1,025 fines for illegal parking over a five year period.

State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said that because municipalities get all the money from a parking fine, but only half from speeding tickets, the state was cheated out of 43,000 dollars from the plea deals.

DePasquale recommends Laceyville work out a deal with the State Department of Revene to pay back the money over a period of time.

The audit results have been sent to the U.S. Attorney's office and the State Police to decide if a criminal investigation is needed.