Parents call on U.S. Senators to take action on climate change policies

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YORK, Pa. – Some parents in Pennsylvania are calling out United States senators to make a change in policies when it comes to climate change. The organization, Moms Clean Air Force, is on a mission to leave behind a better planet for future generations.

Members of the group and local leaders gathered at the Martin Library in York to talk about the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Retired Physician Dr. Stanley Godshall went over how the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will improve public health by reducing carbon pollution.

“We invest in renewable energy,” the group’s Eastern Field Director, Trisha Sheehan, said. “It’s not going to have a devastating impact on our economy like people are thinking. It’s actually going to benefit our economy while benefiting out health as we move towards a future that’s more reliable on renewable energy sources like wind and solar. ”

The group is calling out lawmakers, particularly Senator Pat Toomey, for voting against clean air protections that they say ultimately affect a child’s health.

“Asthma rates are increasing at an alarming rate,” Sheehan said. “Children’s health will be impacted. Upper respiratory illnesses are increasing if we don’t move away from pollution that is triggering their asthma attacks and is warming our climate, our children’s futures are going to be completely impacted.”

The EPA has ordered every state in the U.S. to come up with a plan to cut emissions from power plants. Pennsylvania’s plan is expected to be ready by next year.

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