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Volunteers install free smoke detectors in York’s West End

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YORK, Pa. - More than 100 Red Cross volunteers in York City gave up their time to make sure their community is just a bit safer from fires. They joined Mayor Kim Bracey and the York Department of Fire Rescue Services for a fire safety event where teams go door-to-door to install free smoke detectors throughout the city's West End section.

The Red Cross' South Central Pennsylvania Chapter Executive Matt Leninger says their goal is to get 1,000 detectors out to the community to save lives as part of their nation-wide program.

"At the American Red Cross, we install three-million smoke alarms across the United States in homes that don't currently have them," Leninger said,  "and we'll be able to reduce fatalities 25 percent  or approximately 750 lives a year."

Volunteers also helped families come up with fire escape plans.