Conference held to discuss human sex trafficking locally

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YORK, Pa. - Human sex trafficking is something people may think only exists overseas or in the movies. People from Gracious Promise Counseling and Stillmeadow Church of the Nazerene say it is happening locally.

"Route 30 is a main corridor for sex trafficking and they take people to New England and into New York City," said Patty Nelson, executive director of Gracious Promise.

Nelson helped orchestrate a Human Trafficking Conference. Throughout the week, there were events to get people talking about how to stop it.

"There are more slaves today than any other time in American history. It's estimated there is 27 million slaves in the world right now. With numbers like that, it should give us a reason to want to fight;to want to talk about it," said speaker, Mrs. America 2014, Austen Williams.

A victim will typically only surviveĀ for seven years if he or she is not rescued.

They ask people, if you see something suspicious or feel like someone maybe a victim, do not hesitate to call police.

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