Cheese could be just as addictive as drugs

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Slice of pizza margarita lifted up

Slice of pizza margarita

Scientists say cheese could be just as addictive as hard drugs.

Researchers at the University of Michigan are dubbing cheese “dairy crack” because of its affects on the brain.

The study found certain foods are addictive because of the way they are processed. The more processed and fatty the food, the more it was associated with addictive eating behaviors.

They say eating cheese has an effect on the body that is similar to morphine.

Cheese contains a protein called casein, and when digested it releases opiates called casomorphins.

“[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element,” registered dietitian Cameron Wells told Mic.

The good news, unlike drugs, there are a number of nutrients your body needs in cheese!

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