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Over the line? Attorney General releases personal emails of State Supreme Court Justice

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - The state attorney general no longer has an active law license, but she has the personal emails of a sitting state Supreme Court Justice, and she's exposing them.

AG Kathleen Kane sent the personal emails of Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin to the Judicial Conduct Board for review. The Board will decide whether the emails violate conduct rules.

She also released them to the public. They contain nudity and softcore porn images, and also jokes that would likely be offensive to minority groups.

The emails were received on a private account of Eakin's under the alias 'John Smith.' This is the latest group of emails released by Kane's office since over the past year in an increasing collection of Porngate emails. She says she is facing criminal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice because of an old boys' network, trying to take her down for exposing their pornographic emails.

The board reviewed some of Eakin's emails before and found they did not violate rules. But Kane is asking them to review more this time.

"[They] didn't find these emails to be troubling and the Attorney General feels very differently about that," says Kane spokesman Chuck Ardo. "She believes these emails are a little bit different than he rest, because Justice Eakin has waived his right to confidentiality and she still hopes to release the entire batch of emails, at some point."

Eakin has apologized for the content of the emails and says he is cooperating with the review.