President’s plan for less testing applauded by local educators

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Long overdue? Local educators are applauding President Obama’s announcement over the weekend to limit the amount of standardized testing given to students.

"Finally," said Jerry Oleksiak, President of the Pennsylvania Education Association. "It's about time. We have been preaching this for quite some time. We spend way too much time taking tests, preparing for tests, evaluating tests, and that's time that is too often taken away from what our kids really need, learning," he said.

The president is calling for a cap on assessments, so that no more than 2% of class time is used for testing students.

"Any student who is testing for 10, 12, 15 days out of a school year, that's too high of a percentage. That time should be spent learning," said York Suburban Superintendent, Dr. Michele Merkle. Merkle is optimistic the announcement is a step in the right direction. "I don't think it will happen quickly, there are too many measures in place, but I think it will begin to turn the tide back to something more reasonable for public schools," she said.


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