12-year-old student says teacher asked class to deny God exists

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KATY, TX –  A Texas seventh grader is upset over a controversial assignment involving God.

Jordan Wooley, 12, says her teacher gave the class a paper with sentences that they were supposed to label as factual claim, commonplace assertion, or opinion.

The second sentence read: There is a God.  Jordan initially answered this question as fact.

“She was instructed to write that is commonplace assertion, which the teacher defined as a myth,” Jordan’s mom, Chantel, told KPRC, “She then challenged the kids to prove that God exists. So, Jordan referenced the Bible and she said, ‘That’s not proof.'”

The classroom discussion became so heated one student slammed her books on the desk, and another left school crying according to KRIV.

Jordan was so upset by the situation that she spoke at the Katy school board meeting Monday night.

In a statement the district said, “The school regrets any misconceptions that may have resulted from this teacher-developed classroom activity and assures its school community that the religious beliefs of all students and staff are welcomed and valued at Memorial Junior High.” The district did decide the assignment was “unnecessary for achieving the instructional standard” and would no longer be used.

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