Husband learns huge surprise through taste test challenge

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A woman told her husband that he was doing a taste test video for YouTube but surprised him with a big reveal.

Kristen’s husband, Cory, is a YouTube vlogger, so shooting a taste test challenge on camera didn’t make him suspect any ulterior motives.

One by one she hands him little jars of food, and then he guesses what he’s eating.

The last jar is banana baby food, which he describes as his favorite when he was little.

His wife asks him who else might like it; at first, he answers “babies,” then he asks, “ours??”

When Cory posted the video on YouTube, he added:

“This is how my wife told me we’re having a baby. I can’t watch this video without crying. We’re so happy! We’re going to have a baby! Thank you all so much for the love and support!”

The video has more than 600,000 views. Watch his priceless reaction in the video below.

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