Refugee center helping people resettle in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER, Pa. - In the last three years, over 1,500 refugees have resettled in Lancaster County. The Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds: a Project of the Rotary Club of Lancaster recently opened to help people resettling in the area.
"We're focused as being a central hub to connect refugees in Lancaster with essential services," said Josh McManness of the Refugee Center.

The center is located in Reynolds Middle School. It is a community based school where about 8% of the students are refugees.
"We've been getting people coming into the center to get uniforms, backpacks, look for jobs," added McManness.

The center also includes a branch of SouthEast Health Services. Refugees are required to have a health screening within 30 days of moving. For eight months, their health insurance is covered by Medicaid.

"We're doing the full scope of primary care so, anything from immunizations to well visits and sick visits," said Jenni Black, COO SouthEast Lancaster Health Services.

Rita Nuam who traveled here from Burma six year ago works at the health center. They have been open for three weeks and are already seeing about a dozen patients a day.
"It's really great to be helping other refugees because I have been through how hard it is in a new country," said Nuam.


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