40 pound woman makes dramatic transformation

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You may remember Rachael Farrokh from her video that went viral earlier this year.

Rachael was losing her long battle with anorexia, and the 37-year-old woman weighed only 40 pounds.

After posting a plea for help on YouTube, the internet responded.

Rachael raised nearly 200 thousand dollars on her GoFundMe page.

Rachael shared a note from a doctor on her Facebook recovery page:

Rachael is at a safer place both medically and physically now though she has a long way yet to go.
Her tests are generally positive though it will take time for her body to heal from the trauma it has sustained. Please rest assured that I address everything concerning her very closely.

Now that Rachael is on the road to recovery, she attended the second annual March Against Eating Disorders this week.

She has made amazing strides to get better, and now wants to help others do the same writing:


My goal in this recovery process is to create awareness and education in order to help others battling this disease.



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