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Kitten rescued from middle of Lincoln Highway after seeking refuge inside car engine

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LANCASTER, PA —  A kitten was rescued from the middle of Lincoln Highway Thursday afternoon. A Good Samaritan took the young feline to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County where it is resting comfortably today, according to a release.  Staffers at the Pet Pantry believe the kitten was in a car engine before he was found on the road because he had dirt and grease on his coat. Dr. Bryan Langlois, medical director of the Pantry says it is something to be mindful of as winter approaches.

“Fortunately it appears this guy got out of the engine before the car was started.” he says. “However, every year we see cats that suffer horrific, and sometimes even fatal, injuries from being inside car engines when the car starts. The cats are seeking the warmth and relative safety of a recently turned off engine. Unfortunately, when the engine gets turned back on they can get caught by and serious injured by many moving parts of the engine. It is always advised to bang on your hood before starting your car in the morning to give any cat, or other creature, that may be seeking refuge in there a chance to run away before starting your engine.”

The kitten is an black and white male dubbed “Lincoln” by Pet Pantry staff.

“Lincoln” will be evaluated over the next few days and eventually put up for adoption through the Pantry when he is ready. “It’s so wonderful to see so many people working together to give this little guy a chance,” says Dr. Langlois. We cannot thank both the Good Samaritan and those at Drakes Pet Place enough for looking out for “Lincoln” and giving him a chance he may not have had if he had remained in the road.”


More information can also be found on the Pet Pantry’s website www.petpantrylc.org or by calling the Pantry at (717) 983-8878.