Cumberland County church receives 40,000 pounds of potatoes to give to the needy

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LEMOYNE, Pa. - A massive amount of potatoes made their way into Cumberland County--- 40,000 pounds to be exact. The spuds were delivered to Grace United Methodist Church in Lemoyne as part of its 2015 Potato Drop event. The large donation comes from the Maine Potato Board of the Potato Association of America, and it will go to food banks, soup kitchens, and other hunger ministries. The potatoes are collected because they have been rejected by commercial markets, but they're still edible and will go to local food banks, soup kitchens, and other hunger ministry organizations.

"They're unmarketable because they're a little misshapen," Project Coordinator Gary Wilkins said. "They're either too big or too small . And this way these cosmetically imperfect potatoes, which are perfectly good food,  are being utilized by needy families."

Families were invited to grab a five to seven pound bag of potatoes for free.