Random act of kindness turns homeless dad’s life around

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DENVER — James Moss picked up his life in New York and brought his son Zhi to Denver for a better life.

But not long after Moss got to the Mile High City, his plans started falling apart.

He was looking for a shelter for he and his son when he was approached by a man.

The man was Leon Logothetis, a writer, motivational speaker and philanthropist, who is on a tour to spread kindness.

He surprised Moss with $1,000, but the kindness didn’t end there.

When the video of Leon’s encounter with Moss went viral a GoFundMe.com page was created with moss.

In just a few days more than $40,000 has been raised for Moss and his son.

Moss has yet to spend the money, but he’s already moved out of the shelter thanks to the kinds of yet another stranger.

He also has a new job, with a boss that allows him to being his son to work until he can find daycare.


Moss says he eventually wants to pay back some of his good fortune as well. He plans to keep people updated via his GoFundMe.com page.