Police: Addict taught 13 yr. old how to ‘shoot up’ drugs

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Lynn Hoke

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. – An admitted heavy drug user is arrested after he allegedly teaches a 13 year old juvenile how to “shoot up” drugs. Pennsylvania State Police – Lykens, have charged Lynn Edward Hoke, 33, of Marysville, with Endangering the Welfare of Children and Corruption of Minors.

According to the Criminal Complaint, Hoke moved into the Lykens Township home of the victim in July of 2014  to “get clean” from drugs.  But the complaint revealed that Hoke used drugs in front of the victim all the time.  The juvenile is alleged to have told Hoke that he “loves marijuana” and was curious about the effects of the drugs Hoke was using.

Hoke educated the victim on the “safe way” to use drugs and never shared needles. The victim related how Hoke tied off the juvenile’s arm above the elbow to get a vein. Upon finding a vein, the victim was instructed to shoot the liquid up, the opposite way blood is drawn. Hoke then injected drugs “in the crease” behind the victim’s elbow.

Hoke did this for the victim once, afterwards the juvenile needed to do it himself in Hoke’s presence to make sure the victim was safe.  The victim told police  that he “shot up” six times in a two month period last fall. The victim also described how he would “cook a pill and shoot up”.  He reported using Oxymorphine and Dilaudid.  He described place a bill on a spoon with some water until the pill dissolved. Some pills required heat and some did not. After injecting the liquid, the victim felt “tingly and hot” and he would have to stand up for a few minutes to walk around. The juvenile related drugs “are used to make yourself feel better or escape reality”.

Following arraignment Tuesday morning, Hoke was sent to Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $100 bail.  He faces a preliminary hearing in late December.

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